What Awaits

We are headed for something much worse than we could even imagine, let alone comprehend. Technology is indeed a very good thing to have, in particular Electronics Technology and Information Technology. However, our behaviors towards technology will certainly cause unforeseen consequences, the kind we have never dealt with before as human. Such a theoretical event would happen without any possibility for prediction or avoidance, mainly because it will be a problem that we as humans cannot grasp or understand fully. I'm not predicting something in particular will happen, but I am witnessing the loss of control technology in excess has given us. If anything, I only predict that next year will be sligthly more chaotic. If you're good at catching patterns then surely you will get the idea I am trying to convey here; the excess of technology has shifted our humanity and turned it into something that is not human... I feel as if all this knowledge our species acquired was a fabulous gift from the circumstances, but we abused this gift. As we seek for more progress unto that path, we lose the very quality that defines us, humanity. As the days go by, it seems inevitable that we lose faith and hearth and that our desires exercise more control over us than our brain ! Ultimately we will go extinct at some point in the future, that we cannot escape, but in the meanwhile that doesnt mean we have to do everything to accelerate our demise. After all, you as a person are singular but when you start to think of the whole world and that youre part of it, then can you really do something to make a change